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Cristal Eyes – Spirituality

Cristal Eyes
Brisk and bracing,A crystal clear Day dawningBright blue skiesSun light shimmeringNavy blue seasHigh now, low laterMorning’s initiative.An invitationTo come and beCaring’s curatorHealed and healerSealed and sealerWeal and welder

Heart’s risk and racingNo crystal clear hereHope’s drowningBlood-shot skiesSun light shiveringWhine-dark seasLow now, always ebbingAnd stillBe still, my heart!Christ’s initiativeAn invitationTo come and beHealed by the HealerSealed by the Sealer Weal with the welderA wider yoke for two.

What medicine wheel you take to heal when pain drains the life from you the love from you A question mark? Or exclamation point! You’re the curator. Will you choose Christ’s crystal?The difference between Morning and mourning? One and only U!