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All Told

If truth be told,
“Already but not yet”
becomes You.
Already a royal,
you were and are
and always will be,
though this world’s
king-pins claim
the crown and scepter
for themselves.
Their punch list,
ploys for power,
plots for “I” above

True to your word,
you roil their rule
with Love’s logic.
You foil their power plays
with Love’s kenosis,
You fool their power ploys
with Love’s upending

The universe your royal court,
the realm of your misrule,
whelming human hubris
with divine folly
over and over

But is the world
Ready for your realm?
If truth be told
“Alpha and Omega”
suit you to a T.
A Royal T,
Tau, ancient symbol of
Cross and resurrection.
From beginning to end,
a life- line stretched taut
cross the universe,
tangled in time, You,
caught in death’s cross-hairs,
Cruelty’s firing squad
squelching your life,
executing the Author of

True to His word,
Your Abba rules the day,
roils the world’s logic,
foils the world’s folly,
unravels Death’s web of ploys
plots and power plays,
and has the final say over

Alpha and Omega
Traveling the Way
Revealing the Truth
Reveling in the Life
You are
All in All.
But are We all ready?

Not Yet…..

Robert VerEecke SJ