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Heaven Scent

Redolent rhododendrons
rewinding time
once upon a spring
what once was
raucous outbursts
blossoming again
but now
no wonder.
How can beauty be
In time of loss and
longing for hope’s
Redolent rhododendrons,
unmasking time’s
hidden promise,
recall memories
of springs gone by,
mind’s meanderings
in a maze of days
passed over and forgotten
now remembered.

Wistful wisteria,
winding vine
time, once upon
what was,
Tear-shaped buds
blossoming again
but now
shedding tears in truth
and now
no wonder.
How can vines climb
and cling
in time of solitude
when touch is taboo
and vining is verboten?
Wistful wisteria,
wake wishes
more than once
and for all
returning to what was
once upon a time
in a haze of days
past over and wanting,
now missed.

Eye-opening irises
time, once
no rime
nor reason
in season
and out.
How can vision be
in time of tears and
sighs for hope’s
Eye-opening irises
teach pupils
to see behind the mask
of misery and misfortune
rewinding time
once upon a tomb
in a garden
a stone rolled back
all in a daze, working
all in a maze,
Zing! go their heart strings!
Irises opening,
Light streaming in
His uprising!